The Demon Collective, Volume 1

GMDK’s first publication, live on Kickstarter February 5th. A system-neutral splatterhouse of a zine. Four original horror adventures from Comrade Pollux (blogs at, Mabel Harper (at, Camilla Greer, and David Shugars. With full B/W illustration by the magnanimous Lauren Bryce, and edited by the Queen of the OSR herself, Fiona Geist.

Plunder the ruins of an ancient dwarven library, hunted by shadows and hungrier, more tangible things. Venture into the depths of the long lost tomb of the Vampire Princess in search of powerful occult rituals. Uncover the secrets of the wizarding school that’s come under a sinister new management. And that chainsaw cult working out of the desecrated church doesn’t sound promising…


The Demon Collective, Volume 1 is being kickstarted for two main reasons. One, I’m not a fan of Lulu or DTRPG’s book quality and Scrooge McDuck-ian business practices. So we’re going to be doing a full digital run, and that requires money up front. Luckily, even just 125 backers at the print level will be enough to fully fund it, and enough to show that there is a market for marginalized voices in tabletop gaming. Which leads us to point two: publicity.

I started GMDK because I saw a lot of good writers, designers, and artists struggling to get good work at fair rates. There’s a pervasive and virulent trend in tabletop gaming to refer to profits as proof that you can’t pay people well: who can afford $500 dollars for art and $300 for layout when you’ll be lucky to break electrum on RPGNow? Of course, that’s not the only reason creators are denied their hard-earned money (see the “professional” rates from some of the biggest names in the business), but in the independent publishing world, it’s commonly cited as a barrier to entry.

If this Kickstarter is successful, it will prove that you can pay artists, writers, and designers a liveable wage without bankrupting yourself in the process. It will prove that there is a place at our table for trans, nonbinary, and queer creators. I sincerely hope that is the case.

Stay tuned for more from GMDK, including interviews with our writers and artists, previews of our upcoming books, and updates on the state of the gaming world at large.

Published by Dai Shugars

Publisher of fine tabletop RPGs, proudly showcasing the talent of marginalized writers, artists, and designers in tabletop gaming.

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